Hong Kong Illustrated

Kate Searle’s photos on the cover and inside The Trail of Money show us Hong Kong from different vantage points.

“…or the sound of the chop sloshing against the rocks along the Promenade wall, or the view of the …office towers on Hong Kong Island.” (Chapter 6)

KowloonUmbrellasCropped“…on the harbor’s choppy water, boats large and small plowed purposefully at typical Hong Kong full throttle. Across the harbor, red, green and white neon signs on harbor-facing buildings were already lit…” (Chapter 6)

BoatHKHarbor“Shadows cast by the buildings … provided some shelter from the sun, but the air was hot and heavy, stirred like steaming soup by the cars, taxis, and buses that rumbled trunk-to-tail in the crush of daily afternoon traffic.” (Chapter 10)

HKStreetScene“Only after I … once again approached the Victoria Peak Station, did Hong Kong’s office and apartment towers and harbor come back again into view, far below.” (Chapter 23)