Teacher’s Pet

Esme Linde, 23, a new teacher in a small town high school in Vermont, is accused of having an affair with one of her students, Noah Beemer, 17. The accusation ends Esme’s nascent career as a teacher . Plus it could lead to her being prosecuted for statutory rape. Noah’s parents have big ambitions for their talented son. Fearing that the controversy will damage his prospects, the pressure Esme to remove herself from his life. Noah has other ideas.


Chapter One

It is a truth generally acknowledged that in every high school there are winners and losers. Another truth is that everyone knows who they are.

No one would dispute that at Woodstock Tudorsville Union High School, Noah Beemer was a winner…

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Kirkus Review

A cleverly plotted novel with a fine cast of believable characters.

“…audiences will be thinking about it long afterward.”

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