Portrait of Ignatius Jones ♦♦♦ “A captivating spiritualist mystery with three dimensional characters in a vividly real environment.” (Amazon, 5 stars) ♦♦♦ “Compelling, intriguing, and a little creepy… definitely a read that will keep you on your toes.” (Amazon, 5 stars) ♦♦♦ Portal to the Other Side... Learn More
The Trail of Money ♦♦♦ “Marvelously twisty thriller.” (Amazon, 5 stars) ♦♦♦ “Truly entertaining, very well-crafted tale that will keep you away from bedtime turning pages.” (Amazon, 5 stars) ♦♦♦ Revenge and intrigue in Hong Kong... Learn More
Ghosts on the Red Line ♦♦♦ “Wonderful unlike anything I’ve read before…this is a great book …everyone has lost someone and it makes you think.” (Amazon, 5 stars) ♦♦♦ "A fun read and hard to put down. One colorful scene, character or plot turn succeeds another without losing a hint of coherence.” (Amazon, 5 stars) ♦♦♦ Commuters meet their Departed... Learn More