Ghosts on the Red Line

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Riders see their Departed on Boston’s Red Line trains. As word spreads about the ghostly visitations, seekers crowd the Red Line, disrupting transit service. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority hires consultant Harry West to investigate. When Harry discovers the source of the visitations, the MBTA acts to put an end to them. Harry’s ex-wife Alexandra has a brilliant idea: Replicate in “Visitation Rooms” the ghost-welcoming attributes of Red Line train cars so people can continue to meet their loved ones. But the Archbishop of Boston condemns Visitation Rooms as sacrilegious and pushes to get them banned. And a notorious gangster frets that his victims might reappear in the Visitation Rooms, pointing accusatory fingers. He warns Harry and Alexandra: Drop the Visitation Room project, or else.


Unique and engrossing. A fascinatingly original story with intriguing characters. Immediately captivating and hard to put down. One of the best reads in a long time. (Amazon, 5 stars)

“Altogether wonderful!” (Amazon, 5 stars)

“A fun read and hard to put down. One colorful scene, character or plot turn succeeds another without losing a hint of coherence.” (Amazon, 5 stars)

“Does not insult the reader’s intelligence, or ask the reader to suspend common sense. (Amazon, 4 stars)

“Stunning! I was deeply moved by this book. It is truly one of the best audio books I have ever heard. Both content and performance are amazing” (, 5 stars)

“Intriguing and comfy psychical (and psychological) mystery.” (Amazon, 5 stars)

“Another great book by Shapiro! Character development is excellent, plot is fast moving and the end on the last page is a real zinger.” (Amazon, 5 stars)

“Fascinating, multilevel novel.” (Amazon, 4 stars)

“Wonderful unlike anything I’ve read before…this is a great book …everyone has lost someone and it makes you think.” (Amazon, 5 stars)

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Excerpt from author interview with Jan Lewis on “Be My Guest!”

Inside Look: Chapter One

Backstory: Dr. Frances Gourmelon

On the Red Line

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